STREETWISE DOGS launched in 2016 to provide people with challenging dogs the confidence and skills to achieve focused and calm behaviour. We provide remote and in-person behaviour consultations, training classes and courses. Our trainers use tools and techniques that research has shown to motivate dogs when improving behaviour, without the need for fear or discomfort.


ANY dog can develop behaviour issues, they don't need to have been mistreated for a chip in their trust to appear out of a seemingly insignificant event. Socialisation is very important but those dogs who've missed out on those puppyhood opportunities can still learn healthy coping skills. When problems are left to resolve on their own, they rarely do and unwanted behaviours usually manifest making life quite the challenge!

It's not uncommon to find yourself frustrated, low on compassion and even isolated as a result. A consultation can give you a clear understanding and a practical plan, so you know that what you are doing is truly best for your dog. If you're keen to achieve a better partnership with your dog when out on walks, relaxing at home, at the vets, or making sure they behave respectfully around children, email us to discuss your options - there may be more than you think!

'As an Assessed and Qualified Member of The Institute of Modern Dog Trainers ( I am proud to display the UK Dog Behaviour & Training Charter symbol'​


Have a dog who's out of control?

Do they ignore you and your treats?

Has their behaviour just got too much to handle?


We specialise in dogs that are easily stressed or distracted. We train with care and confidence to provide your dog with essential life skills. Our focus is in motivating your dog as an individual to be focused and calm

Founder, Layne Arlina, an accredited Dog Trainer with a practical skillset from directly observing, managing and training both domestics and livestock. Layne passionately teaches from both a scientific and whole-dog perspective, to present a clear understanding of why animals behave the way they do.


Layne is a life-long bull breed and shepherd owner. Her current dog is a recovering-reactive bull breed named Chester, who needed a special home due to the trauma he endured before he was rescued. Through cooperative training techniques he's overcome the majority of his PTSD symptoms (flight or fight behaviour) triggered by approaching people and unfamiliar dogs, sudden movement, being left alone or enclosed, being touched, loud sounds and voices, plastic bags, trees, birds, shadows etc etc. Chester has gained the resilience to enjoy a social life, settle alone, go on adventures and bounce back if ever startled.


Due to the mistreatment that Chester endured he has longterm health conditions, which spurred Layne to learn about canine nutrition, pharmacology, physiotherapy and fitness. This holistic knowledge enables Layne a deeper insight when working with other dogs.

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