"To achieve the best training outcome I focus on cooperation.  I've no intention of forcing a dog into a situation they resent but instead to train them into choosing the situation willingly"


STREETWISE DOGS is run by Layne Arlina, an accredited Dog Trainer, specialising in fear-free dog training, wellbeing and resilience.

Layne's practical skillset comes from directly observing, managing and training both domestics and livestock. As a qualified dog trainer, Layne passionately teaches from both a scientific and holistic perspective, to present a clear understanding of why animals behave the way they do. Being a member of a carefully chosen collection of organisations, Layne regularly updates her education and abides by a strict code of conduct, placing animal welfare above all else.

At home just outside Hay-on-Wye, Layne lives with a recovering-reactive bull breed named Chester, who needed an experienced home due to the trauma he endured before being rescued. He's been training Layne for 3 years now, which is both a joke and a reality due to his waning PTSD symptoms, resulting in uncontrollable retreat or aggression (people, dogs, plastic bags, shadows..).Dogs like Chester, who suffer with trust issues, can leave their carer feeling frustrated, compassionately exhausted, isolated, and as a result, resentful of the relationship. Layne learnt first hand of the loneliness that comes from advocating for a "bad dog", voicing his need for safety in the face of disapproving threats. Training Chester obedience did not work the regular way, nor could grooming or walking. So Layne learnt how to train away fear and resolve aggression in all these situations. Thanks to her best teacher, Layne's depth of understanding makes her better able to support others through their challenging dog training journey.

If you are keen to achieve a better partnership with your dog when preparing for vet checks, training for assistance or cooperative obedience, or to reduce a problematic dog behaviour, send Layne an email to discuss your options - there may be more than you think!

"Feelings of safety cannot be forced. If we push ourselves beyond our limits we will bottle-up our emotions, struggle, and eventually have a meltdown. Same applies to our dogs"



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