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 CANINE BODY LANGUAGE  - What is your dog really saying    Accredited CPD by DOG TRAINING COLLEGE

REACTIVE RASCALS - For owners and dog professionals   Accredited CPD by DOG TRAINING COLLEGE

RAPID RECALL - Reliably returning when called

LOOSE LEAD WALKING - No more pulling or zig-zagging

DROP for POSSESSIVE DOGS - Feel happy to drop items when asked

DEFENSIVE DOG HANDLING - Equip owners, handlers and trainers to manage reactive behaviour

MUZZLE TRAINING - Fear-free ways of training a dog to wear a muzzle

FEAR-FREE GROOMING - Reduce and prevent stress in your dog when grooming/ trimming nails

FEAR-FREE HANDLING - Reduce and prevent avoidance and aggression when handling your dog - vet prep, groomers, daily living

For individuals wishing to book a workshop please email to check availability.  For companies, please contact us with details of your audience, venue and the particular workshop you wish to host

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