Can't manage?

WE will train them for you!

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SOLO Training Walks

In our solo Training Walks, we build a tailored training plan to suit your dog's learning needs and set about training them for you. Whether they've been stealing snacks, ignoring your instructions, dragging you down the street or shouting at other dogs, this 1-to-1 time with a qualified trainer will focus on improving their behaviour.


No need for you to find the time and energy to learn the skills to train them, we'll take the lead and make life easier for you.


Phone consult

Behaviour advice

Training by us

Remote catch-up

1 x session £45

4 x block £160

8 x block £290

Training Walks can be held at the Streetwise Dogs Training Ground  HR3 5PR  or in your local area. Covid safety measures will be in place.

Before booking please read our T&C's. Email the signed training agreement to

If a lack of trust and confidence in your dog is a reason for choosing Training Walks, let Layne know as she's experienced in supporting people through this.

Quite often problem behaviours begin before we even get the dog out on their walk, so tackling the issue may involve making changes at home. If this is the case, a behaviour consultation will be offered to speed up your dog's progress.

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