Layne was wonderful with our Yorkshire terrier she helped us change his diet and understand his anxiety better. She taught us tricks and coping skills and now our boy is much calmer. Layne totally gets dogs. She is very supportive after the initial consultation and I would recommend her to anyone.

Audrey Haffended

Layne is amazing with dogs, and I have really enjoyed going to a couple of her group training sessions, Cassie (black lab) has learnt a lot. Would highly recommend her.

Shannon McGuigan

Layne has been such a wonderful teacher and adviser for me and Kasper. After advice from Layne we have achieved so much knowledge and Kasper has responded well. I can't believe how much progress he has made. He now doesn't bark at every one we meet at the park. He is so much more relaxed and growing in confidence.

I'm so much more in love with him now as he has calmed down so much and is much more responsive to love and affection. Thank you for your ongoing support Layne and I'd recommend you to all and everyone.

Kathleen Grimshaw-Yeo

We adopted a gorgeous boy from Greece called Nassi who was around 18 months old. Having had a rescue dog before, we knew that there was a chance Nassi would come to us with some issues and we weren’t wrong. A very affectionate boy, he got attached to me very quickly and then refused to walk with the other members of the family. Nassi was terrified of men and although he loved my husband and my two boys, it became apparent that this was going to become a real problem if we didn’t deal with it promptly. He wasn’t nasty, just very scared and totally lacking in confidence.

My niece had heard of 'Streetwise Dogs' before and suggested I give them a try. I love Layne’s approach – she has a real understanding and insight into dogs behaviour and how they think – and her holistic outlook really appealed to us. With help from Layne, Nassi has improved so much and although we are not at the end of the journey by any means, he has gained in confidence and has changed so much from the dog that arrived with us in November last year.

I think the key thing for us was Layne’s empathy for Nassi and her depth of knowledge with training techniques, and her suggestions of ways to bond with Nassi have meant that his dependence on me is waning and he is finally learning to stand on his own four paws! Layne has a real gift and I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Richard and Sally Sprange

A wonderful experience for my boys who deal with Separation Anxiety. When Layne sent us the Bach remedies we started using them straight away and carried on with our Separation Anxiety training and noticed small differences every week. One of our boys became so much calmer and the other boy became more confident within himself. We can now managed to walk each dog separately without a problem with the dog at home.

Lauren Smith

We were having some issues with our two and three year old adopted dogs Eddie and Lola, I got in touch with Layne and she put me at ease right away. She understood the issues and explained things to us in a non-judgemental and thorough way. She has so much patience and enthusiasm.

After following her advice, there was an immediate improvement in the dogs. As we continue to focus on the training and tasks Layne set for us to do, things continue to get better and Eddie and Lola are growing in confidence. I feel that we understand them better now and are more able to give them the care they need.

Layne gave me the inspiration and confidence to really get on board with their training, I am really pleased that we turned to Layne for the help and advice we needed and would definitely recommend her to anyone looking to improve their relationship with their dog.' looking to improve their relationship with their dog.

Kjesti Crossley

I had the chance to watch Layne work with the dogs in a shelter in Thailand and was amazed!! She is such a positive, calm and structured delight and I'm impressed how the doggies react to her. She really understands the dogs needs and helps us humans to react correctly. I adopted a dog from that very shelter and am still in touch with her for long-distance advice on how to do training using Positive Reinforcement.

I highly recommend Streetwise Dogs!

Coco Sandtner

Layne came and volunteered her services at our Animal Sanctuary in Thailand. The time she spent with the team of volunteers and the animals was absolutely invaluable. She took steps to introduce new animal packs making for a happier life for the dogs at our Sanctuary and she also took time to share with volunteers how to read some of the body language signs that were so very misunderstood, alleviating some of the aggression, tension and fights from the dogs daily life.


Since her time at the Sanctuary, Layne has remained on hand to lend advice and support for our animals. Upon answering a question with comprehensive advice Layne follows up with other thoughts as she isn’t satisfied until she has exhausted her knowledge bank to help animals and guardians alike.

Lysa Campbell

Layne has a wonderful, assertive & gentle manner with dogs. Dogs like her and respond to her very well. She's always happy to offer advice and takes great pictures and let's you know what they've been up to. My dog loves her and is always happy to see her. 100% recommended!

Becky Irving

Layne is a miraculous, big-hearted person in all dimensions. It is likely that our dog would be happier with Layne than with our family! Her job is her vocation and her passion. She has a very special intuition, experience and knowledge of animals. We recommend Layne unreservedly. We will always ask her to look after our dog as he had a blissful retreat with her.

Mark & Kasia Phillips

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