Early reward-based training and responsible socialisation

are key to raising a

well-balanced and resilient dog!


Raising a pup is a wonderful experience but it can be challenging, especially in homes with other pets or children. As dogs learn a lot just by watching us, they are capable of picking up new behaviours without us even trying to train them. Being prepared for their arrival and how best to manage all the typical puppy issues to come, is a fantastic way to start your new friendship.


During a Pre Puppy Consultation, Layne covers everything you will need to know in setting your puppy up for a happy, well-balanced adulthood. You'll receive sound advice that's tailored to you and the breed of dog you're about to raise. Pre Puppy Consultations are supportive and non-judgemental, designed to give you a clearer picture of how dogs learn and the best methods to avoid unwanted behaviours. 


Pre-puppy Consultation £60

1 hour of advice on everything you need to prepare for your puppy arrival and their first few weeks at home

This includes travel costs within 15 miles of HR3 5HB. Beyond that is £5 p/ 10miles



Training sessions take place at your home where puppy is most happy, safe and comfortable. Layne will then be able to make a proper assessment and design a training plan that's personal to you and the needs of your puppy. Home-schooled pups can begin training before they are vaccinated, giving your pup a head start!


Your personalised training plan will include kind, fun and effective methods to manage all the typical 'puppy issues' such as play-biting, teething, toilet and crate training. We will cover the basics in fun obedience training, successful socialisation to a variety of sights, sounds and textures, while training first steps in recall, loose-lead walking and dropping items when asked.


These training sessions are designed to support you in laying good foundations for future learning to prevent unwanted dog behaviours. Whatever you need them to learn, Layne will train!


Please read the T&C's before booking


Workshops & Events


Streetwise Dogs are collaborating with Hay Vets to bring you a fun and information packed Puppy Foundations course


Your pup will be introduced to a variety of stimulating sights, smells, sounds, tastes and positive physical experiences. Qualified Dog Trainer, Layne Arlina, and registered Vet, Hannah Sampson, will be answering questions and sharing key tips to prevent common behavioural and health problems.


Mindfully matched pups will enjoy playful socialisation, enrichment (brain games) and interactive obedience training games. Certificate & goodies on completion!




Suitable for pups from 10 weeks to 20 weeks old


Details to be confirmed


You don't need to be registered with Hay Vets to benefit, everyone is welcome!

To enrol your pup please click on the link below and we'll write back with booking details.




Successful socialisation is all about gradual exposure to new situations, don't overwhelm them or they'll become overstimulated and express this through the unwanted behaviours you're working hard to avoid / remove. 

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