LIFE SKILLS level 1 is a 6 week course that benefits all dogs from pup through to adulthood. And as the skills are all taught using rewards, the behaviours stick long after graduation. Of course, there will be some effort on your part to help them practise. But with just 5 minutes a day on each exercise your dog can soon learn to:

  • Focus on you

  • Return when called

  • Walk with you without pulling

  • Find and retrieve items, very handy!

  • Leave items they're not allowed

  • Perform tricks

  • Settle and chill when you ask them to

  • And most importantly, through this course, you'll have a toolbox to encourage calm and manageable behaviour


LIFE SKILLS level 1 is just £60 (+vat) for 6 weeks of step-by-step dog training. This limited offer includes:

  • Optional 2 months of tuition with a qualified trainer

  • Lifetime access to the course!

  • Certificate of achievement

  • Access to Streetwise Dogs Academy Facebook group for tips, live videos and share progress with your classmates around the globe

This course is very well designed but to ensure you fly through the 6 weeks. The support is available to you for 2 calendar months from the day of purchase. After that, you'll still have the support of previous students in the facebook group.

If you need a fun and easy way to improve your dogs' behaviour today, enrol with the Streetwise Dogs Academy


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