Life Skills?

“My dog already knows how to do X, Y Z, how can the Life Skills classes benefit me?”

Streetwise Dogs classes are different. We don't train strait forward obedience. We gradually shape the dogs behaviour by laying clear foundations, building on these skills by adding challenges and broadening their knowledge. You will leave knowing several ways to recall your dog, to walk them without lead-pulling, to calm them, to regain their focus, to avoid aggression when being groomed, to set them up for safe and polite greetings.


Level 1 lays all the groundwork for the challenges to come in Level 2 and 3.

Dogs who've not experienced level 1 will lag behind in level 2, due to the difference in our training approach. Streetwise Dogs get stronger behaviours because we work from a behaviour modification perspective. We'll use clicker training, scentwork, trick-training alongside behaviour modification protocols to equip your dog with an array of skills for the real world.


Regardless of the term, no dog in class will ever be at the same intellectual or emotional level of learning that’s why I instruct individual dog owners according to the dog’s needs alongside guiding the entire class. 1 hour a week isn't going to provide your dog with enough time to learn this new language but it's plenty of time for you to understand and practise at home, where your dog is much less distracted. Each week we will recap what we practised and add more 'tools' to your kit. By the end you'll have a changed dog!


If your dog understands basic obedience they’ll also gain

essential problem-solving and emotional management skills through the Life Skills Level 1 class!




In level one we train specific techniques to lay strong foundations for brilliant behaviour. You'll learn fun training games to play that encourage your dog to choose to behave in ways you appreciate, without even telling them! We learn about our own body language and just how much that directly affects the behaviours are dogs offer.




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Training dogs for the real world

Dog Training Courses Life Skills levels 1, 2 & 3


Life skills classes train your dog specific behaviours for thriving in the real world. We'll train them to perform a variety of useful behaviours on cue, so they know exactly what to do without confusion. Throughout the 3 levels we'll discuss how dogs learn, how they communicate, diet, sleep, fear-free handling techniques, and talk through any training issues you may have. Obedience training will be covered, with the emphasis of putting these skills into action in their daily life.


* A reliable recall

* A strong stay

* Polite greetings

* No jumping up

* Food manners

* Soft mouths

* Drop when asked

* Emergency Stop

* Walking nicely on the lead

* Happier being handled and groomed

* and more!


Maximum 6 dogs per course. Suitable for dogs from 5 months upwards


By filling out the online application form you enter the first stage of vetting. New dogs will be assessed during their first class to ensure the group training is suitable, as not all dogs feel able to focus in this environment. Should your dog struggle to focus you might consider the CALM class to prepare them for such stimulating activities.


NO PAY ON THE DAY.  These are courses so booking is mandatory






This class focuses on strengthening the connection between you and your dog so they are focused on you and respond with eagerness. This course is jam-packed with dog training games to avoid lead-pulling around distractions, secure a rapid-recall, get your dog out of trouble using trick training, enhance their ability to problem-solve and strengthen their patience by training a solid Stay.



Classes are small. Booking in advance is mandatory

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An advanced class training more complex behaviours to further strengthen your dogs cooperative and coordination skills. Body awareness techniques, moving around objects on cue and train them to read our signals with clarity. We'll also use creative techniques and challenges for improved self-control and obedience for essential off-lead safety.






Classes are small. Booking in advance is mandatory

Scroll down to read through the class rules


Your dogs wellbeing is my main priority, so here are some class rules


During training sessions your dog must be attended to and cared for at all times, kept under control on-lead and cleaned up after. Please bring plenty of poo-bags, yummy treats, a non-squeeky toy, and a bottle of water with bowl.


There is a restriction of 2 people per dog when attending class, as the space is small. Young people under 16 must be accompanied by an adult. If you intend to bring a friend or relative please text/ email ahead so I can plan the space. All new attendees who accompany the dogs primary owner/ care giver must register 10 minutes before the start of class and abide by the force-free code of conduct mentioned in the T & C's. Don't bring animals that are not enrolled on the class date currently running.


I uphold a zero-tolerance policy on bullying, this includes rudeness; should I witness or hear of any negative comments towards another person or their dog I will discuss this with the accused privately and if founded issue a warning. We are here to have fun and train our dogs, anyone purposely disrupting this for others will be asked to leave and not be refunded.



  • DO NOT approach other dogs during training as this causes unwanted distractions. Even if you know them, please ask and don't assume as they may be in the midst of training a great skill.

  • Dogs must be kept away from other dogs during class unless instructed otherwise by the trainer. Not all dogs feel safe with another dog close within their space.


  • Flexi/ extendable leads are not permitted during class to avoid injury to others. Ask Layne about alternatives

  • Head collards are not permitted during class to prevent distraction and injury to the neck. Body harnesses please


  • You must report any accident or injury to Layne or the other trainers at the time they occur. Layne is trained in Canine First Aid and is able to offer medical assistance until Veterinary help arrives


  • All dogs attending group classes must be fully vaccinated and up to date with their boosters. Their vaccination card will need to be seen on the 1st class else you will not be able to attend. If you are not vaccinating your dog you will need a recent Titre test with a letter from your regular/ homeopathic Vet to confirm your dogs immunity.


  • If your dog has been in contact with a dog infected with a contagious disease such as Kennel Cough please inform Layne and refrain from attending until it is certain your dog has not become ill too.


  • If your dog has had a Kennel Cough vaccination please wait 14 days before attending class as it's a live vaccine


  • If your bitch is in season, about to begin or has just finished, please let Layne know before bringing her to class a safer space can be sectioned off for her.


  • Entire males are welcome to class, as are intact females. We do NOT support neutering/ sterilisation for behavour purposes as modern behaviour and veterinary science has shown this procedure can enhance behaviour problems as apposed to resolve them.


  • Dogs must be regularly wormed and receive flea treatment - natural methods are fine. Dogs will be checked for fleas


If you are unsure whether it is OK to attend, please do not hesitate to contact Layne or your Vet for advice. Dog who are unable to attend class can continue their training at home, as owners are more than welcome to attend to keep up to date with the training.


Booking confirms your attendance for the six week course.  Please make every effort to attend each week, even if you attend without your dog should they be unable to join us, you will learn regardless!


If you are unable to attend for any reason, please let Layne know as soon as possible.


When time allows you will be sent a confirmation of your booking by email, otherwise, your receipt is a confirmation of your booking. Your confirmation email will state the start date, important information and list items you need to bring with you to the session.


STREETWISE DOGS group training classes are documented to record their collective progress. I often share this on my social media to celebrate your achievements - by enrolling you agree for me to share publicly.



Please read the T&C's before booking!


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