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The most effective training takes place when people train their own dogs, so these sessions will teach you all you need to know to successfully improve your dogs behaviour. Using reward-based training methods we'll train fun new skills to replace undesirably behaviours, improve performance, boost confidence and bring the best out of your dogs personality. These training sessions provide a clearer understanding of your dogs behaviour, and how to best train and support them as the individual they are.


The Initial Training Consult will be held at your home for 2 hours. During this session your dog's individual needs will be assessed so that a tailored action plan can be drawn up. We'll discuss diet, enrichment, behaviour management and begin the set training plan at home and if neccassary, outdoors too. Homeschool teaches you to train your dog, providing you with clear training instruction so that your dog continues to improve after Layne has left. For 2 months after the initial consult you have access to 3 remote support sessions via phone/ email/ skype to continue to increase your dogs skill set. These are booked by you by emailing or arranging in the consult.


Consecutive consults are 1 hour and held at your home or a venue available to Streetwise Dogs. The amount of consults needed depends on your dogs ability to learn and your comitment to changing their behaviour. The more time and effort you put in during the early stages of the training plan, the fewer consults are needed. The initial training consult enables us to lay key training foundations, making consecutive consults are much more effective.








Please read the T&C's before booking

1-to-1 Dog Training is suitable for adolescent and adult dogs with non-complex training needs such as jumping-up when greeting, not returning when called, stealing food and poor control over their urges. Training sessions will initially take place at your home with the opportunity to practise in a variety of environments to suit the activity.

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