Support with your dog's behaviour

A behaviour consultation is for any dog who's behaviour has become problematic. This style of support suits a variety of issues, such as growling over toys or peeing indoors, excessive barking, a lack of manners to full-blown aggression. Living with a dog who's behaviour is challenging can leave you feeling isolated, frustrated, mentally and emotionally exhausted. You're either reading this in acknowledgement, or you're seeking help before it takes over your life.


The most well-loved dog can develop behaviour issues because many factors come into play. The key to successful behaviour change is knowing the most effective approach for your dog as an individual, while feeling comfortable and motivated to carry out what is needed. And if you're about to run out of will-power this is where the support of an expert can really help.



For us to understand and improve your dog's behaviour, a functional behavioural assessment is carried out through a 2 hour virtual or in-person Initial Consultation. This enables us to learn about your dog as an individual, and investigate why they are behaving as they are. You'll receive expert advice on how to manage and resolve issues, plus demonstrations of techniques to immediately improve their behaviour.


These 1 hour consults are designed to further your dog's progress. Assessments will be made as we go along, making appropriate adjustments to the behaviour change plan to suit your dog's changing needs. The consult will be a mixture of discussion, instruction and demonstration, to ensure you feel confident in managing your dog's behaviour as we work to resolve the presenting issues. Between consults we'll keep in touch to ensure you remain motivated - we want you to succeed in transforming your dog's behaviour.

Behaviour consults can be taken in either one or in a combination of the following ways:

Virtual consults

It is not necessary for us to witness the undesired behaviour to resolve the problem. Consults by video or phone are sometimes necessary for dogs who are easily distracted or distressed by new people, to feel calm enough to learn the foundation skills needed for positive behaviour change. Virtual consults can be split into two 30 minute sessions and you'll receive a copy of the video call to refer back to, along with supporting resources. Have a cuppa ready to accompany your note-taking.


In-person consults

With the foundation skills underway we'll build-up to practising in settings that challenge your dog while ensuring they are appropriately supported to avoid distress and a loss of confidence or trust. You are welcome to video the sessions, and breaks will be taken to allow both yourself and your dog to process the info. If you are unable to train your dog it is possible for Layne to do this without you present, so long as you are fully able to follow the management plan at home.


Both the initial and follow-up consults are held at our training ground HR3 5PR. However, if home visits are integral to understanding and resolving your dog's unwanted behaviour this can be arranged.


Behaviour Consultations

Are you ready for change?

Long-lasting, effective and ethical behaviour change is not possible through quick fixes. It's important your dog is taught alternative behaviours as coping skills to manage and overcome their issues rather than suppress them, creating further problems.


Recording your training sessions and your dog's behaviour will play a key role in tracking and assessing their progress.


A level of commitment, communication and organisation is needed for success.

Man and His Dog


Behaviour consultation package - £170

  • Phone consult

  • 2hr Initial Consult

  • 1 hr follow up consult

  • Remote support

  • Tailored training and management plan

  • Contact with Vet if applicable

  • Exclusive Facebook community access

  • Discounts on courses, classes or workshops

Additional consults are £55 each. If your dog's behaviour is highly complex and requires multiple consults we'll offer a package to make this more cost-effective.  Aggression cases tend to need at least 5 consecutive consults to see lasting change.

For households with multiple dogs of similar issues, a single behaviour change plan can often be designed under the above package. However, a quote will be given if the dogs behaviours differ and potentially affect the progress of the dog in question.


Before booking please read our T&C's.
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Prior to Behaviour Consultations some dogs may need a Vet assessment to ensure there are no underlying physical complaints. Invisible health problems are common in behaviour cases and it is wise to rule them out before taking further treatment. This saves time, money and prioritises the welfare of your dog

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