Behaviour Classes



These group socialisation events are only open to clients seeking ongoing support for the highly distracted and exciteable/ anxious/ aggressively behaved dog. There are many benefits to booking consecutive behaviour consults, these events provide an extra layer of support and learning between those 1-to-1 sessions. Email for more information


Calm The Fluff Down is a pressure-free, safe space; providing your dog with the opportunity to become comfortable among other dogs and people.


It is not an obedience training class but an opportunity to prepare your dog for real-life social situations.


We all need different approaches to learning. Many of us need more information before we can take on important tasks. For dogs, the world is often overwhelming with information so it's important we slow the pace down to help them categorise. Successful socialisation is achieved through gradual exposure to new and different experiences. Dogs who usually become easily overwhelmed, anxious, overexcited, tense and distracted can benefit from these small group sessions. Dogs using aggression to communicate can join once they have made sufficient progress through 1-to-1 consults.

Training spaces are mindfully positioned for each dog, enrichment is provided and key training advice will be given for each dogs needs. The venue is large with 4 exits, a carpark and toilets.

Reactive Dog


Reactive Dog events are specifically for ongoing clients to support their dogs rehabilitation progress. We cover safe dog-handling skills, equipment, training, effective behaviour modification, dog learning theory, dog health, nutrition and stress hormones, preparing for the vet/ groomers, the importance of self-care, fun training games and group work.


No matter what methods of training you've tried in the past or are currently working with you are welcome to join this class and learn effective, science-led, reward-based techniques to help your dog become more tolerant, resilient and relaxed in their world. It's a judgement-free space to meet others with the same dog-related challenges, support your dog and build on your very specific dog training skills.


Socialisation Walks


Group walks are available to clients who have had an initial consultation with Streetwise Dogs. These well-managed and on-lead events are to help with successful dog socialisation, to enable dogs to be confident and under control in any number of real-life situations. We train for calmness around around livestock, other dogs, children, aclimatising dogs to both rural and urban environments.

Your dog's wellbeing and your safety is my main priority, so here are some rules



I am a very direct, compassionate and motivated person so it's important we are on the same page. When working together I'll always be honest with you, I hope you feel able to be the same. During the group work I uphold a zero-tolerance policy on bullying, this includes passive aggression and rudeness; should I witness or hear of any negative comments towards another person or their dog I will discuss this with the accused privately and if founded issue a warning or ask them to leave. We are here to have fun and train our dogs, anyone purposely disrupting this for others will be asked to leave and not be refunded. The training space must feel safe else your dog won't benefit.


By enrolling you agree to abide by the following Terms and safety rules:


  • During training sessions your dog must be attended to and cared for at all times, kept under control on-lead and cleaned up after.

  • Please bring plenty of poo-bags, 100’s of yummy treats, a blanket for your dog, a non-squeaky toy, and a bottle of water for yourself.

  • People who are under 18 years old or pregnant are not permitted to attend the behaviour modification classes, such as Calm The Fluff Down, Reactive Dogs, Adult Dog Socialisation Walks.

  • There is a restriction of 2 people per dog to avoid distractions. All new attendees who accompany the dogs primary owner/ caregiver must register as they enter class and abide by the force-free code of conduct mentioned in the T & C's.

  • Please inform Layne of any disability she can aim to accomodate for, especially if you require extra space when training

  • If you have an infectious illness, such as Influenza, please do not attend.

  • When sessions take place outdoors, bring good waterproofs or warm clothing for you and your dog. Dogs with short coats, pups or oldies, will feel the cold weather and we want the training to be comfortable and something they wish to return to.

  • Don't bring animals that are not enrolled on the class date currently running.


  • DO NOT approach other dogs during class as this causes unwanted distractions. Even if you know them, please ask and don't assume as they may be in the midst of training a great skill.

  • During training sessions your dog must be attended to and cared for at all times, kept under control on-lead and cleaned up after.

  • Dogs must be kept separate during class, no introductions unless supervised and permitted.

  • Flexi/ extendable leads are not permitted as they’re not reliable. Bring a 2m or 5m lead.

  • Head collars are not permitted as they prevent the dog communicating and can cause injury to the neck.

  • DO NOT bring balls or squeaky toys as some dogs will become distressed

  • No raised voices, shouting or argueing during the class, course or workshops. If you feel stressed and need a break please take one. Our frustration ripples out to the dogs learning.


  • If your dog shows aggression towards people or other dogs they must wear a basket muzzle unless permitted otherwise. You will be sent a muzzle training video to help you prepare.

  • You must report any human or dog accident or injury to Layne or the other trainers at the time they occur.

  • If your dog has been in contact with a dog infected with a contagious disease, such as Kennel Cough, please inform Layne and refrain from attending for 14 days.

  • Wait 14 days before attending if your dog has had a Kennel Cough vaccination.

  • If your bitch is pregnant, in season please do not bring her toany courses, classes or workshops. If she is about to begin or has just finished her season, please let Layne know.

  • Entire males are welcome, as are intact females. We do NOT support neutering/ sterilisation for behaviour purposes as modern behaviour and veterinary science has shown this to be innaffective in resolving behaviour problems.

  • Dogs must be regularly receive worm & flea treatment - natural methods are fine.



If you are unsure whether it is OK to attend, please do not hesitate to contact Layne or your Vet for advice.

If you are unable to attend for any reason, please let Layne know as soon as possible.


When time allows you will be sent a confirmation of your booking by email, otherwise, your receipt is a confirmation of your booking. Your confirmation email will state the start date, important information and list items you need to bring with you to the session.


STREETWISE DOGS group training classes are documented to record their collective progress. I often share this on my social media to celebrate your achievements - by enrolling you agree for me to share publicly.



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