Behaviour Consultations

A behaviour consultation is for any dog who's behaviour is problematic. This can be a young dog who's growling over their toys or an older dog that's peeing indoors. Living with a dog who's behaviour is challenging can leave you feeling isolated, frustrated, mentally and emotionally exhausted. You're either reading this in acknowledgment, or you're seeking help before it gets that far.


The most well-loved dog can develop behaviour issues because many factors come into play. The key to successful behaviour change is knowing the most effective approach for your dog as an individual, while feeling comfortable and motivated to carry out whats needed. And if you're about to run out of will-power this is where the support of an expert can really help.

Streetwise Dogs can help with complex behaviour issues involving aggression, anxiety, resource guarding, separation anxiety, hyper-attachment disorder, abnormal/ stereotypical repetitive behaviours and more



For Layne to understand and improve your dog's behaviour, a functional assessment is carried out through a 2 hour Initial Consultation. Behaviour modification plans are carried out through 1 hour consecutive consults.


Effective and ethical behaviour change is not possible through quick fixes. It's important your dog is taught alternative behaviours and coping skills to overcome their issues rather than suppress them, creating further problems down the line. By applying modern behavioural therapy we can train dogs to be calmer and happier. It is not always neccassary to witness the undesired behaviour in order to resolve it, although in some circumstances you may be asked for videos prior to the consultation, considering the safety of everyone involved.


Step 1 - Arrange a call back

Email Layne at to arrange a pre-consult phone call. This is a free-of-charge chat to discuss your dogs options, receive a quote and book a date for the initial consult. You'll then be asked to complete a form explaining your dogs behaviour in detail.


Step 2 - Home-based Assessment

The aim of the Initial Behaviour Consultation is to assess your dog's behaviour and draw up the most effective approach for them. We'll discuss techniques to immediately improve their behaviour, and begin the initial part of their behaviour modification plan. During the assessment we'll discuss the potential outcome to determine how quickly the problems may be resolved. A follow-up consult is often arranged at the end of the initial consult to carry out the next steps in the behaviour modification plan. 

Step 3 - Behaviour Consults

In most cases, it is recommended that a follow-up consult be booked within 3 weeks after the initial consult to carry out the behaviour modification plan. Consecutive consults can be held at your home or at a location that best suits the activity. Block booking will prevent heavily staggered sessions, as the waiting list is usually 4 weeks. Aggression cases often need at least 3 consecutive consults to effectively improve behaviour.


Step 4 - Remote support

To keep you on track between consults we'll check-in by WhatsApp/ Email/ Phone/ Skype for an additional 2 months.

Please read the T&C's before booking


Prior to Behaviour Consultations some dogs may need a Vet assessment to ensure there are no underlying physical complaints. Invisible health problems are common in behaviour cases and it is wise to rule them out before taking further treatment

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