Streetwise Dogs specialises in preventing and resolving dog aggression through ethical Behavioural Science and Cooperative Care, a fear-free approach to handling and training animals

Qualified Dog Trainer, Layne Arlina, applies evidence-based techniques for the most successful training outcome; be that for obedience, rehabilitation, service, for low-stress Vet checks, or adjusting undesirable dog behaviour. 


Dogs are easily misunderstood and their families are often exhausted from trying. Having lived with challenging dogs herself, Layne suspends judgement to facilitate healthy dog-human relationships while repairing any confidence that may have been lost. The wider aim of Streetwise Dogs is to enable dogs to be resilient in the face of change, to stress less and trust more.

Layne provides 1-to-1 training, behaviour consultations, group classes, complementary therapy and lectures for the Dog Training College. Streetwise Dogs is based in Hay-on-Wye and covers Herefordshire and South Powys.


“We had a very reactive dog who did not like any people he met other than us. Now, thanks to Layne, our dog is more trusting with people and tries to leave before he reacts. We could not have done it without Layne.” 


—  Erlike Türnpu

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