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Qualified Dog Trainer, Layne Arlina, applies evidence-based techniques for the most successful training outcome, specialising in preventing and rehabilitating dogs from relying on aggression


ANY dog can use aggression. It's a natural expression that should not be punished but we can agree, they must learn safer ways to communicate their needs, just as we must make appropriate adjustments to support that change. Successfully managing predatory and fear-based aggression is best done with professional support, so your dog learns how else to behave while having their needs satisfied. If their needs are only quashed, and their behaviour suppressed, this causes those 'out of the blue' bites or other behaviour problems such as toileting indoors, destructiveness, excessive self-cleaning etc.


Resolving behaviour problems is a team effort, and good training is always behind the dog who can inhibit their bites, control their urge to chase, and use safer communication techniques. Early socialisation is very important but it's not too late for those dogs who missed out on those puppyhood opportunities as they can still learn healthy coping skills. That said, the most tolerant and loyal dog can still bite if their subtle language has been missed or ignored, just as we humans only have so much patience before we feel overwhelmed and make our feelings very clear. It is essential for anyone looking to prevent dog aggression to understand how dogs talk, how they best learn, and how to respond to their needs are as a canine individual - we can teach you!

The Streetwise Dogs Training Ground is in Llanigon near Hay-on-Wye, Powys. Home-visits are available. The Streetwise Dogs Academy is a remote service that's accessible to you wherever you are in the world. If you’re looking for the skills and knowledge to improve your dog's behaviour, browse the website for our services or send us an email for recommendations.





Owner-directed aggression resolved through Streetwise Dogs behaviour change program

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